was born into a family of artists. It was no surprise he would study music at Bilgi University in Istanbul. He also found out that he had a passion for radio as much as music. Gökman worked as director and producer at some of the leading media groups in Turkey, like Nar and Power groups radios. Currently he is working as Director of Pal Media. Gökman has continued to blossom as a DJ bringing his eclectic, unique brand of house music that blends traditional tribal-ethno beats with more modern sounds to audiences all across Europe & Middle East. His celebrated career in the music industry has made him acting as producer, composer and arranger on many sessions most notably on the internationally heralded releases from the cutting edge Turkish percussion and dance ensemble Harem. His Harem songs and remixes have been released around the globe on more than 200 compilations including the illustrious Buddha Bar compilations. He has also performed in more than 30 countries. He remixed many songs of the international stars like Despina Vandi (Gia), Ruslana (Wild Dance & Dances with the Wolves), Colonia (Nema Nade), Tose (Hold me Tight), Karizma (Yurudum) etc…

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